Memories of Life


It's been a long and winding road, but the Mother 3 17th Anniversary Funfest is reaching the grand conclusion!

The final assault on New Pork City and its mysterious creator begins tonight at 9:30pm Eastern/6:30pm Pacific!

The final GPP thread awaits. Follow your heart, you'll know what to do.

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Samba de Combo


Multiple time Puyo Puyo Tetris champion heavenchai is here, and it's time to put those puzzle skills to the test, as a part of the Mother 3 17th Anniversary Funfest!

As an award winning eAthlete, heaven has proven themselves worthy of a GamerBlood sponsorship, and to be ready to climb the Empire Porky Building! Commence the climb, tonight at 9:00pm Eastern/6:00pm Pacific!

Maybe you'll have a chance to try your luck at taking down heaven in their eSport of choice one day... maybe you'll even write about the experience in the GPP 18 thread!

New to New Pork City? Be sure to catch up on AquaMagicist's grand tour of the city!
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Chupi-Chupyoi for World Heritage


The Mother 3 17th Anniversary Funfest continues, and this time we've got Fangamer's own Jack Murphy in the spotlight!

As the architect of the arcade cabinet that saved the world, VR aficionado, and accomplished game developer, Jack has the RAD-itude needed to close out Chapter 7, tonight at 8:00pm Eastern/5:00pm Pacific!

Did you know? Jack is responsible for bringing the world's greatest sport Mayonnaise Hole into the virtual world? That's an eSport now! In the right frame of mind, forum posting can also be an eSport, so be sure to show us your skills in the GPP 16 thread! Hole! Hole! Hole!

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Is It Just Me Or Are You Gorgeous?


It's today! Today is, officially and truly, Mother 3's 17th Anniversary! We did it, everyone, we made it!

To celebrate this momentous event, I'm taking control of our fifteenth GPP, and paying a visit to Tanetane Island! Stay up late! Let's get weird! Tonight at 11:00pm Eastern/8:00pm Pacific!

No matter what happens, don't post your Tanetane Island short stories in the GPP 15 thread! No photos of your best Barrier Pose, either!

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A Flying Whatchamacallit


The Mother 3 17th Anniversary Fanfest is racing towards the climax, and blawnk is here and ready to brave the depths of the Gova Volcano!

If you can't stand the heat... tune in anyway! Tonight at 9:00pm Eastern/6:00pm Pacific!

If you spot any particularly hot moments, be sure to post them up in the GPP 14 thread!

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The third needle awaits, and we've got our third Radio PSI DJ on hand to do his best to be the one that pulls it! Nightshade is arriving on the the Shadow Waves for tonight's Mother 3 17th Anniversary Funfest stream!

Nightshade delves into the Mole Cricket Hole tonight at 9:00pm Eastern/6:00pm Pacific!

Consider doing your own delving... into the GPP 13 thread!

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Another chapter has come and gone, but now BubblyOasis is here and ready to take us through the grueling encounters of Chapter 6, and to kick off Chapter 7! Some folks say that the true Mother 3 experience starts here...

Bubbly launches into Chapter 6 and 7 tonight at 8:00pm Eastern/5:00pm Pacific!

Sunflower fields forever... in the GPP 12 thread!

Be sure to take some time to recap yourself on GPP #11 with AmzRigh, as well! There will be a test.
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Dangerous Highway


We're halfway there, and Majora is starting up Chapter 5! What strange secrets await alongside the highway outside of Tazmily? only participants of the Mother 3 17th Anniversary Funfest know for sure...

Majora is kicking off Chapter 5 tonight at 8:00pm Eastern/5:00pm Pacific!

The highway is no place for kids to be walking around, be sure to report any dangerous activities in the GPP 10 thread!

And be sure to check out broomweed's time wrapping up Chapter 4, as well!
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A Railway In Our Village!


Don't you love it when your favorite show has a timeskip and suddenly everything is different? Three years later, Chapter 4 begins, and the Mother 3 17th Anniversary Funfest continues!

Frosty friend and fanatic CapnCocoCharms has brought his brand of wacky humor to the Funfest, and he's agreed to show us what life is like in the new Tazmily! We continue celebrating seventeen years of Mother 3, tonight at 8:00pm Eastern/5:00pm Pacific!

If tonight's stream presents you with any time travel related problems, the GPP 8 thread is available for you to report any strange issues with Luz's further adventures!

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Something Strange is Going On


Special delivery! Have you ever thought about the poor overworked monkey that delivers your packages? Consider it part of your Mother 3 17th Anniversary Funfest homework!

The ever reliable Empower is here with their stream debut, and she'll be carrying us through 'til the end of Chapter 3! We're back again, tonight at 9:30pm Eastern/6:30pm Pacific!

The forum thread for GPP 7 is online and ready for you to cheer Empower and Monkey on! The power is yours!

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