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Starmen.Net, which was originally called EarthBound.Net, was started in February 1999 by Tomato and reidman. Basically it was created to be a large, central EarthBound site to help raise the level of quality of EarthBound-related content on the Internet.

Since EarthBound.Net/Starmen.Net's creation, many new EarthBound fans have appeared, many new, good EarthBound homepages have been created, and a strong community of EarthBound fans has been formed.

In early 2000, a sequence of odd events took place, forcing us to move to our current domain name, Starmen.Net. That is why some places on this site still refer to us as EarthBound.Net. This and more about our history can be found here.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to Starmen.Net, and feel free to ask the webmaster any questions you may have.



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