What is Starmen.Net?:

Starmen.Net is a large fansite and community based on the somewhat overlooked Mother/EarthBound series of video games.

How is Starmen.Net paid for?:

Starmen.Net is paid for in part by income from the Starmen.Net Online Store. However, our main source of income is from our donors.

Starmen.Net is not for profit. This means that any and all money generated for the site goes towards paying bills (webhosting, domain names), purchasing prizes (mugs, other merchandise), and miscellaneous other costs attached to running the website (shipping packages, printing large documents, etc). No individuals profit from the website in any way.

There is much more information to be found on the Donations Page.

How do I join Starmen.Net?:

You can sign up for a free Starmen.Net account here. This account will allow you to post on our popular message forums and submit content to many of the sections on the site.

Can I link to Starmen.Net?:

As with the vast majority of the Internet, of course you can. If you want to link to us using a banner, we request that you use the ones in our Banner section.

However, because of bandwidth issues, please do not link to any of the files on the site. If you want to use one, upload it to your own server.

How do I become a staff member?:

There isn't a straight answer. Usually, you can only get a staff position if we are looking for staffers and you apply for the job. You might get lucky if you're in the right place at the right time. (Generally, this involves hanging around the other staffers.) However, this is not a guarantee. None of the current staffers were picked because they sent deseperate e-mails to the webmaster pleading for a staff position. Staffers are always chosen because they have displayed excellence in one or more areas of interest.

How can I get a Starmen.Net e-mail address?:

Sometimes we hold contests in which people can win e-mail accounts here. This is true of many, if not all, of the Funfests. Also, you might want to keep an eye on the Starmen.Net Forum, as from time to time you can win cool stuff there.

Also, you are offered an email address if you donate to the website. Any Starmen.Net email addresses you have will be available to you as long as the website and its email capabilities remain.

How can I get web space at Starmen.Net?:

We generally don't give out web space, except in special circumstances. However, sometimes we offer URL redirects as prizes, allowing winners to have the URL automatically forward visitors to their site. As with e-mail addresses, these URL forwarders can usually be won in the Funfests.

As with the email addresses, webspace at Starmen.Net is offered to the people who donate to the site.

What did you use to write Starmen.Net's HTML?:

Tomato did the majority of the HTML work on the site, all by hand in DOS Edit. Much of this HTML is now generated with PHP. No HTML editors were used, as they are a cursed thing when it comes to complex tables, PHP, stylesheets, CGI, cookies, DHTML, and so on.

All staffers have to do some basic HTML to some extent.

I want to submit something. What do I do?:

It depends on which section your submission is for. First, check the section you want to submit to, and if you can't find instructions, upload your file using our general upload form.

DO NOT mail files to any of the staff unless otherwise specified.

I want to use some of your files. Can I?:

Depends on what files you want. Game images and clay model images are fine. Using our sound effects is okay too. But don't use the MIDIs, comics, fan art, and other fan-generated content found on our site. We've had to go out of our way to get permission just to post these files. Stealing these files from our site is not the smartest thing to do, and is very disrespectful to the original creators.

If you really want to use those files, then mail us at, and we'll see what we can do.

We would also appreciate it if you linked to our site if you use our files.

Why don't you distribute ROMs?:

The answer is really quite simple: ROMs are illegal. We wouldn't want to be sued by Nintendo and have our site shut down, would we? Of course not. So no ROMs.

Where can I buy the EarthBound soundtrack CDs?:

You can find information on these CDs and a lot of other EarthBound/Mother merchandise in our merchandise section.

What is Mother?:

Mother is the Japanese prequel to our SNES EarthBound. The English equivalent of Mother is referred to as EarthBound Zero. Mother 2 is the Japanese version of EarthBound, and Mother 3 is the Japanese version of EarthBound 64.

See the game sections for more information.

I have a gameplay question. Can you help?:

First, check the game sections for walkthroughs, FAQs, etc. If the information you want isn't there, try our game helpline. But if you want help right away, try posting on our message boards. We have quite a few people who live on that message board, so your question will not only get answered, but answered quickly (usually within minutes).



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